About Research Room Project

Late fall of last year TiGEs leadership (in collaboration with LBA Academy, Center for Research Education and TLUPS) decided to pilot  a project to develop skills in investigative journalism among young/upcoming journalists in Asia, Africa and South America.

The idea was to set up a research room (RR) in three locations, around he world, during the calendar year of 2016 and develop, test, measure (outcomes) and stream line process and procedures to achieve the goal. Also to identify the resource requirements.

First RR was set up in Institute of Journalism in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
We identified (through a selection process which is documented) three candidates as RR Interns (RRI) .
We provided them with an orientation
We gave them a definite objective
And provided them with tools.

Three topics of our interest were given as primary target topic to investigate (1. Attrition among international students, 2. Engagement in campus and its impact on education 3. Issues around discrimination in campus)

  • RRI I will focus on current events related to all the above topics and produce well researched stories
  • RRI II will focus on academic research on the topics and produce weekly round ups
  • RRI III will focus on news and media topics on same topics and produce weekly round ups

After training and orientation (during the month Jan 2016) actual work we started in Feb 2016 First output is getting published on Tiges.

We were lucky (!) with chain of events that happened during last few weeks including Rohits suicide, Kanaya’s arerst and questions raised around the same by HRD minister in Parliament, to events in Austin, to Tunisia…. Sadly, we played along.

After first round of publications we intend to stream line the effort. And plan on doing a lessons learned end of March in University of Iowa and decide on next steps. We are hoping to expand the model (with improvements) in Ghana and in Brazil by August.

And by August we would be bringing selected interns to University of Syracuse or Iowa for further training and internship.

This project is currently funded by TLUPS/TWG/LBA. But we have commitment of significant dollars to expand the program.

Suggestions? Opinions? Please email rr@tiges.ca