Volume 1 Issue 2

Increasingly, student enrichment programs have been sprouting all over the world. But what exactly is student enrichment? This question can be answered differently depending on who you ask. Student enrichment programs vary greatly in both scope and reach. For example, some may have a limited scope in furthering or “enriching” a student’s knowledge in a particular area of study and some may reach to a particular student sector, such as student enrichment programs designed for the gifted and talented. In this issue of TiGEs, we explore a unique approach to the idea of student enrichment conducted by Transitions Lab University Preparatory School’s Student Enrichment Program (TLUPS-SEP).  The scope: enriching students with tools for success at American colleges and universities; The reach: students from India. June 2015 is a monumental time for TLUPS-SEP as it marks the program’s inauguration.  Gain knowledge and insight from those involved in the TLUPS-SEP process.


SEP Theatre Writing & Theatre Course Journals – By Michaela Murphy


Guided by the assured hands of Michaela Murphy, teacher of theatre and story-telling at Barnard University, and Doug Wagner, radio host and political activist, students at the inaugural SEP were given a series of lectures and hands-on learning experiences with theatre and writing. In this acticle, Michaela and Doug relate their personal experience with their time teaching the students as well as a summary of the basic tools and techniques that they taught. To read Click Here .


Making of SEP – By Alphonce O’Bannon 


In this article, Alphonce O’Bannon shares the story behind the development of the Student Enrichment Program, as well as some of the underlying goals and expectations that it strives to meet. To read Click Here .


The SEP Experience – By Doug Wagner


Doug Wagner guides you through the inaugural SEP experience that a collection of students were able to receive, in collaboration with a number of American universities, school boards and city councils. The mood, the stories and some of the deeper lessons that were imparted throughout this journey are collected here. To read Click Here .


Big Changes Are Coming – By NNS Chandra

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The College Board is re-vamping many of the key elements to the Common Application, the tool that the majority of all students applying to American post-secondary schools use. Syam Chandra summarizes the basics of these changes, as well as some of the potential flaws with one particular sticking point. To read Click Here


The Power of Research – By Achyuth Chandra

screenshot-mail.google.com 2015-07-06 15-07-51Written by the main instructor of the TLPS Research Training and Methodology Course, Achyuth Chandra, this article serves as an introduction and a summary of the importance of research, both to the researcher and to the subject; understanding this concept will allow students access to vital tools and tips on how to succeed in an academic institution. To read Click Here .


Coming to America – By Sohom Bhowmick

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An undergraduate student at the University of Iowa and an organizer of TLUPS, Sohom Bhowmick relates his experience with coming to study at an American school from India, some of his qualms with the Indian education system, as well as his thoughts on possible solutions. To read Click Here .