Transitions in Global Education (TiGEs) is research journal that publishes a compilation of thoughts,analysis, and ideas on the impact of current trends and events on the global education landscape both at micro and macro levels. Conversely, this journal also publishes content on the impact of global education on current trends and events. TiGEs hopes to capture many and diverse perspectives. The sections: Student’s Voice,Teacher’s Voice, and Parent’s Voice present first person insights from those directly affected by current issues.Meanwhile interviews of various movers and shakers of the education landscape deliver a policy perspective.Commentaries and peer reviewed articles supply additional perspectives as well as critical analysis. With  lean toward practice, TiGEs aims to deliver content of practical and contemporary import, thereby valuably informing policy makers, academics, parents, teachers, students, and all with an interest in global education. TiGEs is an affiliate of Trans Lab University Preparatory School and Trans Web Global, an education consultancy practice based in North America.

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