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Machine Learning and the Social Safety Net:  Improved beneficiary targeting and malnutrition detection in India

Given the bureaucratic difficulties associated with sophisticated methodologies for identifying target individuals and households for beneficiary targeting and poverty assessment in India, the idea of using proxy means Read More


Four G’s in the American Culture

Maybe more than any other country, the United States (US) has been a home for personal, financial, intellectual, educational and religious freedom. In the early 21st Century, though, I believe that these freedoms are under attack. Read More


Leadership in LBA

Whether we believe it or not, there are infinite platforms for leaders, it depends on the individual’s perspective to actually see it. LBA is all about realizing the opportunities presented to lead. When we utilize our ability to Read More


Raising Young Innovators through Conceptual Research Experience

Innovations are directly linked to the innovativeness of people which is the prerequisite for growth, prosperity and economy of a nation and its citizens. However, in a country, that is India, where Read More



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