Dear Readers, Over the past three months we have been accepting submissions from students all over the world. We at TIGES believe in promoting research and encourage students to publish their works. Without research mankind would not have evolved and achieved the accomplishments we are currently able to enjoy. Our editors have been reading all the entries that we have received and we are pleased to say that our future generation have the grit and determination to deliver quality level of research work which will change dynamics of our current lives. The editorial team has decided to publish four abstracts of the students whose topics range from psychology to economics. If you are interested the full research you can email us at editor@tiges.ca


To what extent has state sponsorship aided international extremist groups in their territorial expansion?

During 2015, Aish Sandeep, conducted a study on Read More

An inquiry on the effect of environmental stimuli and stressors on physiological processes and how the brain can adapt to different situations because of its nature of being plastic

Several studies have been conducted in the history of Psychology to observe how a change in environmental stimulus can affect an individual  Read More


Boom, gone, again?

The “American Dream” of every average person nationwide, owning their very own home was a sensational statement thrown around left, right and center in the late 90s and early 2000s. This period which could also be termed as the “Boom Period,” Read More


Beauty of Reading

I can have you talk with the most influential persons of the world, be it Bill Gates, President Obama, Ben Rothschild or even Pacquiao. I’m not a key international player. I’m just a regular 16 year  Read More


An Amazing Opportunity

I was Invited to the Congress of Future medical leaders. Although the congress was sponsored by Harvard, we stayed on a college campus at University of Massachusetts Lowell. The first day consisted of a very intense experience, from getting up at 5am to travel Read More



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